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Our Customized Range Of Products 

LP & HP Compressed Air Systems


Dual compressors

(upto 1200 lpm)

Single compressor

(upto 250 Lpm)

After Coolers

Air Dryers

Pressure Vessels/Tanks

Customized Seal Control Panels

Customized Skids

Spare Supply

Break/Carbon Dust Exhaust  Systems


Flow rate: upto 4000 m3/hr

Pressure: upto 270 mmWG

Filtration: upto 15 microns


  • Mild steel sheets/ Angles/channels

Motor : As per requirement 

Customized frame as per requirement

Spare Supply

High Pressure Portable Pumps


Motor: 10 h.p

Pump Type: Plunger

Pump Capacity: As per requirement.

Portable setup

Tank Capacity: As per requirement.

ON/OFF Starter

Spare Supply

Water Supply Systems


Drainage & dewatering Systems

Flood pumping systems

Rain Water Dewatering Systems

Customized Water Supply Skids

Customized supporting Structures 

All kinds of pipe fittings supply

All type of pump supply

High Pressure Water/ Oil Pumping Systems

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 3.jpg

Piston Pump 

High Pressure Oil Filter

Working Pressure: Upto 400 Bar

Portable Setup

Customized Frame

Starter Panel [As per Functional Requirements]

Spare Supply

Oil/Water Storage & Transportation Trolley

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 4.jpg

Customized tank for oil storage

Portable oil transfer trolley

- ON/OFF Starter 

- Motor Pump Assembly 

- Oil Filter

Spare Supply

Oil Skimmer System

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.jpg

Pit Water Oil Seperator

Wiper Material: Teflon

Belt Length: As per requirement

Portable Setup

Detachable Oil collection Tank

Customized Frame 

LT & Control Panels

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 6.jpg

SSB Panels

UAB Panels

PLC Panels

Starter cum Control Panels 

for various Systems

Junction Boxes

Cable Layouting

Spare Supply

 Mechanical Panels


Panel Arrangement

Customized as per requirement.

Instrument Operation Control Panel


Portable Assembly


Rotor Lifting Plant


Radial Piston Pump

Control Panel

Storage Tank

Supply & Spares

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 7.jpg

Centrifugal Pumps

Submersible Pumps

All Types Of Spares

All types of Pipes & Fittings

All types of Valves

All types of Instruments

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