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FILTERS  by Buchiya 

Buchiya Controls Pvt. Ltd. is happy to present their latest range of  FILTERS. 


Debris is prevented from entering the element from the outside by the flow, which is on the clean side of the liquid flow. The element is cleaned by rotating the element  with an electric motor. The rotating element with two blades that remains in contact with the element rub against it. Scraped or wiped-off debris collects at the filter's bottom and is then washed out via a drain valve that can be manually or automatically operated.


  • Chemical Industry

  • Metals & Mining

  • Water & Waste Water

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Process Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Oil & Gas

Technical specifications:

  • MOC: SS304, SS316 & MS as per requirements.

  • Flow rate: 

  • Filtration capacity: 

  • Operating pressure: 

  • Pressure loss with clean filter: 

  • End connection flange size: 

  • Operating temperature: 

  • Filter changeover: Manual / Auto

  • Operation of cleaning: Manual / Auto

  • Housing Fabrication: ASME B31.1 ASME B31.3 or ASME Section VIII, Div I


  - Type: Automatic Self Cleaning.  

  - High Filtration Accuracy.

  - No manual intervention needed for cleaning.

  - Wedge wire element with longer life.

  - No consumables. 

  - Minimal operating & maintenance cost.

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